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Kate Moss
The Fashionista loves the latest fashions and is always on top of the latest look.
Confident Cosmopolitan
The Confident Cosmopolitan is bold and sexy with an elegant, glamorous demeanour.
Modern Classic
Uma Thurman.jpg
The Modern Classic is a Chic Modern Woman of today. Completely at easy win these changing times she opts for a timeless styling.
Casual Classic
Matt Damon
The Casual Classic is a man relaxed in his modern environment. He has confidence in his ability to deal with life’s challenges.
David Beckham.jpg
The Sportsman is energetic and outgoing. They are determined to ‘Seize The Day’ and have a ball along the way.
Passionate Charismatic
Uma Thurman.jpg
Oozing Charisma from every pore this self-assured personality is the Heart and Soul of every Dinner Party.
Young Innovator
Matt Damon
The Young Innovator is an open minded innovator. They set the styles for others to emulate. Willing to challenge the Status Quo they are full of life.
Elegant Intellectual
David Beckham.jpg
The Elegant Intellectual is a trendsetting and stylish Professional who demands quality and sophistication in a contemporary design.
Cool Rebel
Uma Thurman.jpg
The Cool Rebel makes a lifestyle statement with their Rock Star image. Non-conformist and individual they do life their own way.
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