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If you’re a fan of Ray Ban sunglasses

… then you’re sure to be spoilt for choice at Designer Eyewear – a company specialising in premium quality, affordable eyewear.

Founded in 1937, Ray Ban is an American fashion accessories brand that specialises in sunglasses. Fast-growing in popularity since 1937, today Ray Ban is a leader in the industry, with the brand known all over the world.

Although originally designed for use by US air pilots, in order to provide them with clear vision during their flights, Ray Ban sunglasses became popular with a wide variety of different people; namely the fashion-conscious. As such, Ray Ban sunglasses serve a very different purpose today, and are a sought after product in the fashion industry.

Timelessly chic, the Ray Ban brand is all about providing premium quality eyewear that’s not only comfortable and practical, but extremely fashionable too. And with a pair of Ray Ban’s you’re sure to get noticed – for all the right reasons!

The selection of Ray Ban’s at Designer Eyewear provide something for everyone, priced from £89 to £109. Browse our huge range of Ray Ban’s today, and get your hands on the pair of designer glasses you’ve always dreamt of owning!

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